Netizens say YG Entertainment treats their artists the best and provides the best accommodations

YG Entertainment has been known as the top three entertainment agencies in Korea as it produced many of the top K-Pop idol groups.

YG Entertainment has also known to have the best treatment for its artists and have the best accommodations for them. Recently, netizens and fans have been discussing how well YG Entertainment treats its artists.

One netizen created a post in an online slot server thailand super gacor community talking about how the members of idol groups such as WINNER, iKON, and even BLACKPINK all have their own individual rooms. The netizen who created the post stated that the members of the YG idol groups were able to have their separate room since debut. Many netizens were also surprised to hear that the members of the rookie group TREASURE were able to have their own room as the group lives in two separate houses.

It is widely known that idol group members share rooms with at least one anggota, if not two other members, as they live in one house together. However, netizens were amazed by how YG Entertainment provides separate living space for their artists.

The netizen praised YG Entertainment for having the best treatment for their artist when it comes to hair, makeup, and style. The netizen also pointed out that YG Entertainment pays its artists the quickest.

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